July 25, 2007

Dog ~ Adoptee ~ Dog ~ Adoptee

Stuffed Animals
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Letter to ABC Primetime News in response to this show/article, aired 7/24/07


Adoption is the most lucrative unregulated "business" in America. Laws are not in place to adequately protect the young mothers and their children. Conflict of interests abound. Why shouldn't adoption agencies be bound to the same ethics as other mental health professionals? They are not bound to unbiased counseling, non-directive counseling, or separate legal counsel for these vulnerable young mothers - this is blatant conflict of interest.

Adult adoptees are silenced by the NCFA lobby who keeps our records and own obc's sealed, based on myths which have been proven and documented to be false. Both the TN and OR Supreme Courts have ruled the validity of open records for adult adoptees, as well as the Child Welfare League of America. Yet most states laws do not allow an adult adoptee the same right as every other citizen to obtain their own unfalsified birth certificate. This is slavery. This is the government failing to protect the adoptee (product) of these businesses who refuse to ethically present to the mothers the full-spectrum of research and documentation about the life-long effects of adoption. Read Nancy Verrier's "The Primal Wound", and numerous research articles available regarding the peri- and post-natal psychology of infants and separation from their mothers. Read Ann Fessler's "The Girls Who Went Away".

The sealed records laws only serve to silence the "products" of these business transactions called "adoption", and continue to cover the reality of the loss involved with glossy myths that society has accepted. Adoptees are seen as forever children in the eyes of the law.

The Edna Gladney Center has a "commercial" airing which shows a puppy loyally following an adult duck, with the voice-over - "Aren't you glad that if you aren't ready to be a Mother, that someone else is?" This is a direct assault to adoptees everywhere. Using animals as an analogy to our reality? It actually reveals the truth of the issue quite well.

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