May 15, 2007

Adoption Down the "Tube"

Chinese Food Take Away Box
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Last night I happened to flip by the final episode of "The King of Queens" and heard Carrie talking about wanting to adopt a baby. She and her husband were temporarily "separated" but they were getting back together and she was trying to talk him in to accepting a referral from an adoption agency for a Chinese baby who was available for adoption. When she took out her cell phone to make the call, she said, "I can't believe I'm making this call. I've ordered Chinese before, but never a baby." (canned laughter in the background).

I bet the "adoption community" is going to be up in arms about this statement. But in my opinion, I thought it was classic. I don't think we should gripe to the TV networks when they pull stunts like this - I think we should PRAISE them. Because really they are telling the TRUTH. That is exactly what it is like. It feels like that to an adoptee, so why try to sugar-coat it and be "politically correct" in order not to "offend"?

Adam Pertman and all the others who are trying so hard to make adoption "politically correct" should just let general society speak the truth, because those who are on the outside "get it" better than those who are trying to change the face of adoption. They understand that adoption is ordering a child for a family, which leaves the older street kids and those with disabilities out in the cold. The more desirable the kid, the higher the price. Face it.

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